Intact has two field workers up in the hills, with Intact Nursery & Primary School as their base, who spend their days in the villages identifying girls that need help to complete their education, counseling parents about the importance of the education for their daughters, making sure the girls being sponsored are doing okay, following […]


Up in the hills the roads are generally not that great, which is an understatement. People get around by motorcycle or two wheeler as they call it or they walk. There are some people with small pickups, vans and what they call a Tempo -a small truck with standing room only – that run a […]

More focus and attention is placed on boys in the family from a very early age and they are more likely to complete schooling and have it better financially. But, the life of young girls has improved greatly over the last 10 years where, back then, they didn’t get to complete their schooling and were […]

You’ve met the teachers and we’ve told you about the school and the area, so now it is time to introduce some children. Out of 130 wonderful, happy children, one child per grade/standard has been selected. Each with a slightly more difficult situation than the other children in the school. Pre-kindergarten S. Sathana – 2 […]

To start with, ‘older’ kids which are ones ten and older usually help their parents in the fields when they get home and on weekends, so not as much play for them. The mountain kids don’t go home to xbox, playstation, nintendo or iPads. They don’t even go home to any toys, but they have […]

Our next topic is about the teaching at the school, our curriculum and the school year. The school year runs from June to April and has 3 semesters: June – September, October – December and January – April. The long summer vacation is from mid-April until June during the hottest season. The school days go […]

Higher education in India is in English, so being able to attend an English school in the hills opens up greater possibilities for continued studies and in term it creates greeting opportunities for employment. That is one of the key reasons. But, looking at what the Intact school offers in comparison to the local government […]

Culture in the Hills The culture in the hills is tribal and very traditional. As a comparison to the people living on the plains the education level is lower in general and among women in particular. Most people are farmers and work from dusk until dawn with manual labour in the fields. The women are […]

Now you’ve met the teachers and staff at the Intact school and we thought we’d introduce Vellimalai, which is where you find the school. Vellimalai, a village with approx. 3000 people, is located in the Kalrayan hills in the northern part of Tamilnadu. The closest city is Kallakurichi 45km down a winding mountain road where […]

Qualifications: Higher secondary class Worked at Intact School: 1 years Marital Status: Single From: Vellimalai Languages: Tamil Hobbies: Playing cricket – 2nd Batsman and riding my motorcycle